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Created 12-Jan-14
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From one paradise to the next. After a much longer than expected 4 days sailing to Ziguinchor in the Casamance, a beautiful river region in the south of Senegal, on a boat which I’d hitched from Dakar with, I walk into a beautiful camp site surrounded by palm trees where I can see myself lounging in hammocks for days. Only some 10 minutes later, I receive a phone call. Gabor, another boat hitcher from Austria calls on behalf of Isreali Captain Alon. Turns out a spot has opened up on on Alon’s boat, due for a transatlantic crossing in a few days. Destination: Barbados. After over two weeks of waiting in the Dakar sailing club I thought I may never find a boat in good time for this crossing, particularly when it seemed more hitchers than boats were arriving. So no sooner have I arrived it is time to find transport back to Dakar for this next stage of my journey. It might sound like an amazing opportunity, and it is… but the 4 days just spent on the yacht where I travelled no more than 200 miles with an old French skipper was far from easy sailing, a story on its own. A new perspective of what lies ahead for the traverse across the Atlantic has dwelled on me. This is more than just a cheaper or more romanticised way of travelling across the ocean. It’s an adventure with some serious risks. Approximately 3000 miles of unknown. So I leave you with farewell as I prepare to take the same voyage taken by millions of Africans sent across the Atlantic between the 14th and 19th Centuries, with the fortunate difference of a tropical paradise waiting for me at the other end, and some more of that stuff we call freedom. Adios amigos! Live your life!

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